I just want to blogor my stories

I was sad because my computer doesn’t have a painting program that is so sophisticated as Microsoft Paint. If I want to use such a thing to make a cartoon like the one gracing the top of this gorgeous blog, I have to walk 60 feet all the way to the other side of the house and use the desktop computer. And, gosh. I just have to weigh my options. First of all, my room is where my office is located, which I believe we established in the blog about how I’m slowly losing my people skills. What if I want to look up and stare at my N*SYNC poster while I consider my next statement?

Focus, Meg. You can find a tutorial on how to get Chris’s braids later.

I’m kidding. I don’t have such a poster. I promise. If I wanted to look at N*SYNC from 1999, I can Google it at anytime, and I do. No I don’t. Maybe I do and that’s my secret.

Other things worth considering are the two curtain rods that I have placed one foot from the ground outside my door. It allows my dog, The Sweet Baboo, to live peacefully in his my room while keeping my roommate’s (Hi Mom!) puppy out. He’s a sweet puppy, but he’s just like that one annoying coworker who shows up at your desk every five minutes to tell you a story that you have no interest in. You always wonder why that guy has no work to do and talks all the time when you have a pile of work and actually do your job. You try to politely tell him to leave you alone, but he doesn’t get it, so you put up some sort of barrier. In this case, it’s curtain rods. But, I mean, I have to lift my legs up a whole 12 inches to get to the desktop computer. So that’s on my mind.

Poor guy never gets the hint.

Then, if I decide to go over this actual hurdle, the dogs all have to stop me to go outside on my walk to the computer. Along with The Sweet Baboo and the roommate’s puppy, there is The Bear, the roommate’s sweet elderly beagle. It’s a sensitive issue, but he is slightly obese. He used to be very heavy and now he is just heavy.

Anyway, the second they hear me, all of their bladders sing to them and they suddenly need to go outside. It’s like the days of elementary school when a parent brought in sweets to celebrate a classmate’s birthday. Whether it was a cookie, cupcake, or rice crispy treat, I remember the intense thirst that would hit all 20 of us students at once with that last swallow. Hands raised and we lined up at the door for our turn to get a sip from the water fountain.

The Sweet Baboo is in his winter sweater

In this case, the dogs practically cross their legs and just stare at the handle until I open the door. Isn’t that weird? That they stand an inch from the door and stare at the handle? Someone would (hopefully) be concerned if I stood an inch from the door and stared at it.

Come to think of it, I’ve been in situations when that’s all I really wanted to do.

As always, I digress.

I spend the ten minutes waiting for the dogs to relieve their various organs. I give in to their strict demands to feed them a snack for doing what was natural — no one squeals, celebrates, and gives me a cookie every time I relieve myself. I get bitter about this every time they go.

At this point, I’m in the kitchen and need to give deep consideration to whether I need coffee, want a snack, or to guilt myself into drinking water. This is about a 30 minute mental exercise that always results in coffee. Someday, I will learn my Self and just get the coffee.

After this, I need to use the restroom, which will not result in any sort of fanfare, and by the time I finally get to the desktop computer, about an hour has passed since I first considered whether I should go to the computer to write my blog so I can use the ever-so exquisite Microsoft Paint software.

All of this has simply been too much, so my blogs have been decorated with GIFs to add some extra flair, if you will, to my stories.

But today. Today? Today I was working on a little something to make writing look like maybe it could be fun for my students. Well, actually, I figured I’d capture my students’ attention if I drew goofy pictures and they might accidentally read about writing if I did so. I searched for anything better than what my computer has to offer, and BAZOOKA! I happened upon a website that will let me draw for free.

There are three things you need to know about me if you don’t already.

(A) The Sweet Baboo, pictured here, is My Heart. Mi Corazon, if you want to be fancy.

(2) My favorite place to be is in a coffee shop that is locally owned, no matter what town I’m in.

(%) I am CHEAP. When someone compliments something I’m wearing, I always respond with, “Thanks! I got it [on clearance/super-cheap/with a gift certificate] at…” Surprisingly, I haven’t learned the game of couponing, but if something is free, or under $10, I’m so there. If I need it. I don’t just up and grab things that I don’t need.

Anyway, the above pictures are not as detailed or drawn with the ease that Microsoft Paint offers, but they are better than what I have on my Mac. And they were brought to you from the comfort of my officebedroom by onemotion.com. That’d be so cool if I were such a big deal that I was getting paid to say that.

Oh. And now that I’ve made a big deal and wanted to draw a final picture, it has frozen on me.

Back to square one.

All that consideration, celebration, and recommendation… All of the -tions! And for what?

Author: Megs

I'm in my 30s and that's startling. This blog is about random observations that I make, because it seems that I have a unique perspective of the world. Join me.

5 thoughts on “I just want to blogor my stories”

  1. My computer has Microsoft Paint, which I can us to enhance those few photos I take with my cell phone rather than my digital camera (which came with its own awesome software). But I think actually drawing something with Microsoft Paint still takes a certain talent – no way could I draw a tree, animal, or person with it, I have enough trouble just trying to insert a text box into a photo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! If I were a true artist, I would let myself buy some fancy-shmancy software. But you’re right, it can take some talent to use Paint. I like the results that humor bloggers like Allie of http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com get when they use it. Allie is far more talented than I am and knows how to add shadows and such that I wouldn’t know how to do.

      I just like the look. All I have is something that offers lines and specific shapes. I don’t have a free pen to draw silly face to show what I envision when I write. Harrumph. Woe is me. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like your sens of humor and it makes me laugh at the pesky puppy when I think it just doesn’t take the hint. There are co-workers who do seem to be this way. As a Nana now though I realize that there are people who are lonely and I take pity on them. The poem Desiderata was once a whole post for me, but it says everyone has their story to tell, so I listen. 🙂 Sometimes, I used to write down love stories of such annoying people. . . ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Desiderata! I’ve never met anyone who knows that poem! It’s amazing to read to ease my mind, anyway, through lots of situations.

      When I worked in public service at a library assistant, I had a lot of chatters come through my line. I could definitely understand that this moment in line and my friendly face might be their only social encounter for the day. If no one was in line behind them, I didn’t have a problem talking for a while. I saw it as part of my job to make their day a little brighter if I could, and if it meant listening to a story, why not? 🙂 Other times, I didn’t know what to do when a line gathered behind them.

      But the pesky puppy… Gosh, he’s actually so cute. He just gets on the nerves of my own Socially Awkward Pup who needs his own space. 😀 That guy is in no mood to entertain the puppy’s stories. X-D

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog!


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