Sunshine Blogger Award!

“I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun is callin’ my name!” In case you didn’t watch practically every single Brady Bunch rerun (or maybe the originals) like me, those are the lyrics to “Sunshine Day,” sung by the kids when they were suddenly a band. And it’s stuck in my head because … Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award!”

Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 2

Yesterday, I was nominated by both Nikki of A Kinder Way and Amanda of Just in Queso for The Sunshine Blogger Award. I think I might have said yesterday that I appreciate these awards, because it’s wonderful to get the nods from bloggers that I respect. It’s so nice to be noticed by them! Today, I … Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 2”

Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 1

Good Day Sunshine! It is the warmest interweb-y hug when talented bloggers nominate me for awards. It makes me feel like maybe, juuuust maybe, my writing is entertaining for a few of you. Thank you Nikki, at A Kinder Way, for nominating me this morning. You’ve got to check out her blog if you don’t already … Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 1”

Awards Galore! Thank you!

Okay. I thought yesterday was Friday, so I thought I was doing Amanda’s (Just In Queso) Sunshine Blogger Award in place of Fast Facts Friday. Guess what? Yesterday was Thursday. Guess what else? Steph at Making Time for Me kindly nominate me for The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award and tagged for Four Fact Survey Fun. … Continue reading “Awards Galore! Thank you!”