Technically Liebster Award #3…

  See that thing on the right side of my page? It says something like, “Want to be like me? Read like me.” and lists the blogs that I follow. One of my favorites is Just in Queso, who writes with such fantastic wit, I adore it. She’s not screaming, “I’M HILARIOUS! READ HOW FUNNY THIS … Continue reading “Technically Liebster Award #3…”

Liebster Award #2

If you read the title closely, Reader-Friends, you read correctly! You aren’t rereading my second post. I’ve kindly been nominated for the Liebster Award again by the sweet blogger of Turn the Page ! You: You can be nominated more than once?! Me: YES, don’t be so rude. The point of the award is for fellow bloggers … Continue reading “Liebster Award #2”

A Liebster! An Honor!

What a confidence builder it is to be nominated for a Liebster Award by Lisa! You absolutely have to check out her blog. It’s relatable, it’ll make you smile, and you’ll learn a thing or two. I like that she described the Liebster Award as a big warm hug within the blogging community. That’s the perfect way … Continue reading “A Liebster! An Honor!”

The Leibster Award!

You: Okay, Meghan, settle down. You’re breaking out in German again. What are you talking about? Me: Fantastic blogger Charley of Borderline Unhinged kindly nominated me for an award passed around in the blogging community. Do you know what this even means? You: *blink* Me: It means I feel honored that this stranger took note of my blog … Continue reading “The Leibster Award!”

I just want to blogor my stories

I was sad because my computer doesn’t have a painting program that is so sophisticated as Microsoft Paint. If I want to use such a thing to make a cartoon like the one gracing the top of this gorgeous blog, I have to walk 60 feet all the way to the other side of the … Continue reading “I just want to blogor my stories”

Can’t Spell Awkward Without “Aw!”

I’m not entirely sure about the title of this post, but I’m trying to suggest that maybe if you can pull off awkward behavior just right, you’ll be cute. I mean, when animals are awkward, they’re cute. Just the other day, The Sweet Baboo (my dog, if you’re new here. In fact, you should see how … Continue reading “Can’t Spell Awkward Without “Aw!””

What Not To How To

When I was deciding what sort of blog this would be, I briefly considered writing some sort of “How To” blog. A glance at my Facebook newsfeed suggests that How To’s are a big thing. How To Have A Complete Wardrobe With Only 20 Items How To Contour Your Face In 5 Steps How To … Continue reading “What Not To How To”

There’s Nothing To Fear, But Maybe This

Look, I get the idea behind that famous quote given with great, protective confidence by President FDR. There shouldn’t be anything to fear but fear itself. Fear is the reason we have fear. Why, just last week, my bedroom door shut itself and The Sweet Baboo (pictured in this post) was so scared that he … Continue reading “There’s Nothing To Fear, But Maybe This”