Sunshine Blogger Award!

“I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun is callin’ my name!”

In case you didn’t watch practically every single Brady Bunch rerun (or maybe the originals) like me, those are the lyrics to “Sunshine Day,” sung by the kids when they were suddenly a band.

My favorite part of the 90s movie

And it’s stuck in my head because Jess at Not the Average Mama nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! She is a fantastic blogger who writes about her life as a mother of a blended family and coparenting. I love her stories and you will, too!


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Awards Galore! Thank you!

Okay. I thought yesterday was Friday, so I thought I was doing Amanda’s (Just In Queso) Sunshine Blogger Award in place of Fast Facts Friday.

Guess what? Yesterday was Thursday.

Guess what else? Steph at Making Time for Me kindly nominate me for The Black Cat, Blue Sea Award and tagged for Four Fact Survey Fun. If you don’t already read her blog, what are you waiting for? Continue reading “Awards Galore! Thank you!”

Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 2


Yesterday, I was nominated by both Nikki of A Kinder Way and Amanda of Just in Queso for The Sunshine Blogger Award. I think I might have said yesterday that I appreciate these awards, because it’s wonderful to get the nods from bloggers that I respect. It’s so nice to be noticed by them!

Today, I want to thank my blog-twin Amanda for the nomination. I call her my blog-twin because — well, I’m flattering myself — but I like to think that we have a similar perspective on things. She keeps her blog upbeat and I always laugh at some point during her blog posts. You’ve got to check it out.

The rules for this award:

  1. Answer the eleven questions from the blogger who nominated you
  2. Nominate up to eleven wonderful bloggers and write eleven questions for them to answer

I answered Nikki’s questions and nominated my bloggers yesterday. Today, lets have fun with Amanda’s questions, shall we? I’ll do this in lieu of my Fast Fact Friday. 😀
EDIT: Oh, what? Today is Thursday… awkward. I’m just doing this today because I didn’t want to do both awards in one day and bombard you MeghaFans, then.
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Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 1


Good Day Sunshine!

It is the warmest interweb-y hug when talented bloggers nominate me for awards. It makes me feel like maybe, juuuust maybe, my writing is entertaining for a few of you.
Thank you Nikki, at A Kinder Way, for nominating me this morning. You’ve got to check out her blog if you don’t already read it. As the name suggests, she’s all about spreading kindness, and I don’t know if she even realizes that she brings people together and promotes community and friendship through her blog. She’s clearly a great person and her blog is fun to read through. Continue reading “Sunshine Blogger Award Pt. 1”

A Liebster! An Honor!

What a confidence builder it is to be nominated for a Liebster Award by Lisa! You absolutely have to check out her blog. It’s relatable, it’ll make you smile, and you’ll learn a thing or two.

I like that she described the Liebster Award as a big warm hug within the blogging community. That’s the perfect way to describe it. One thing I love about blogging is that we aren’t competing against each other; we’re lifting each other up, becoming friends, and learning from one another. This award is a shout out to bloggers for making their positive mark in the interweberverse (it’s a word. starting now.), no matter if your thing is fashion, parenting, lifestyle, or being random <~~ me. So thank you, Lisa, and I’m excited to give a nod to other bloggers. Continue reading “A Liebster! An Honor!”

Technically Liebster Award #3…



See that thing on the right side of my page? It says something like, “Want to be like me? Read like me.” and lists the blogs that I follow. One of my favorites is Just in Queso, who writes with such fantastic wit, I adore it. She’s not screaming, “I’M HILARIOUS! READ HOW FUNNY THIS IS!” with her writing. She’s just like, “La la la, what? Did I just drop a funny line? Huh.”

Anyway, what’s strange is that I was going to nominate her for a Liebster Award yesterday, but decided to give a shout to newer blogs. But while I whipped that up, she — my current fave — nominated me!

I was going to wait a while to answer her questions, but lucky for you —

Why are you groaning? Stop it. Continue reading “Technically Liebster Award #3…”

Liebster Award #2

If you read the title closely, Reader-Friends, you read correctly! You aren’t rereading my second post. I’ve kindly been nominated for the Liebster Award again by the sweet blogger of Turn the Page !

You: You can be nominated more than once?!

Me: YES, don’t be so rude. The point of the award is for fellow bloggers to recognize the work of our blogging peers. They didn’t just give Modern Family one Emmy and move on.
That’s right. I compared myself to Modern Family.

Blogging has been great for my confidence and hopefully helped improve my writing skills. I appreciate that Turn the Page discovered my page and found it worthy of a shout! Continue reading “Liebster Award #2”