Job Hunting? Don’t Not Do This

I start a second job this coming week. I’m pretty pumped.

Also, I’m very confused.

If for some reason you don’t stalk me and haven’t found a way to read every comment I ever write on other people’s pages, then you might not be aware that within one year (2014-2015), I sent about 100 resumes and had about 90 interviews. I had actually started to write a blog post about it so I could tell the humorous stories from those rejections, but it turns out it’s still a downer to talk about in detail. Maybe I’m over 45 rejections and need another year to move on from the other 45.

Did I just make this awkward? I made this weird.

Somehow, my current teaching position just came to me. Continue reading “Job Hunting? Don’t Not Do This”

What’s in Your Bag?

Before I begin, I really don’t think this post has to be gender-specific, which is why I called this “What’s in Your Bag” and not “What’s in Your Purse” or “What’s in Your Murse.”

I have puh-lenty of male friends who carry messenger bags, laptop bags, recyclable grocery bags, and bags shaped like puppies.

Ok. I’m lying about the last one. But how badly does your inner 8-year-old want one?

I’m not even sure this is limited to bags. I think what I’m about to discuss has pertained to my desk drawers at work and certainly to That One Junk Drawer I know we all have, so don’t pretend your home doesn’t have one. Sometimes, you just have to toss a bobby pin in the Junk Drawer in case a situation arises and you need it in that room.

But today, we are gathered here to talk about what the dickens ends up in my purse and why. Continue reading “What’s in Your Bag?”


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

My pretties. I owe you an apology. I have not gifted you with my words for months. I do not know what came over me. I will remind you, though, that I began this blog by setting myself up for failure to stick to a schedule. You were to expect that I would not regularly update.

I now have 55 minutes left in 2016 in Central Standard Time. Let us see if I can squeeze in one more post for the year.

I shall go with The Predictable and write a New Years Eve post.

I remember celebrating the year 2000. I worked at Walgreens and everyone was preparing for Y2K, which just translates to Year 2000. But it was said in a way that meant that life as we knew it was going to end. Computers were expected to stop and for reasons that I never understood, this meant that the world was going to stop. One customer told me that even cars were Continue reading “Y2Okay”

So, Your House Isn’t a Store?

I sort of feel like I tossed an unanswered question out there yesterday when I mentioned that The Cousin and I once found ourselves in a stranger’s basement with the understanding that we were shopping at a store.

So instead of completing my packing this morning, I thought I would share that story. This will do a few things:

Give you an idea of the situations The Cousin and I find ourselves in
That’s right, these things truly happen more than once.

Help me procrastinate

Okay. There is a touristy area near a town I lived in during college that visitors and locals, alike, enjoy visiting. Everyone makes a huge deal about the shops, the food-things, the history, the whole gamut. I decided during The Cousin’s visit that we would find this village and experience The Experiences. While I tried to figure out where it was and what we’d want to see, my mom sent me several emails explaining that if I turned in one direction off the highway, I would find myself in The Boring, Shopless Part of the village. Continue reading “So, Your House Isn’t a Store?”

Packing Carry On Luggage


I am preparing to go on my favorite vacation of the year. It is time to visit The Cousin that I mention from time to time on here.

I feel bad, because I mention her as if she’s the only cousin I have. I’m actually visiting many cousins, a coupla aunts, and an uncle. I love them all to pieces, however I’m certain that there are times that they’d be A-OK pretending if The Cousin and I weren’t related. That’s unfortunately the great thing about us. We don’t try to get ourselves in ridiculous situations (e.g., dressed in pajamas and pantyhose, we were chased down by a farmer in the middle of the woods ), the ridiculous situations come to us. Continue reading “Packing Carry On Luggage”

Final Quote of The Challenge

A couple of days ago, our friend (yours and mine… and if she isn’t yours, you need to rush over and become her friend now) Amanda at Just In Queso nominated me to participate in the 3-day Quote Challenge.

I pulled out one of my favorite Maya Angelou quotes to reflect on why working to be normal is eh. Why be normal when being your best you is amazing. That’s my interpretation, anyway. I’ve always been jealous that I can’t write like she could.

Then I didn’t realize I was quoting a song from Annie when I suggested that you might be partially nude if you don’t smile when you greet people around you.

Today, I want to take a look at this quote.

quote-amy-poehler.jpg Continue reading “Final Quote of The Challenge”

Day 2.5 Of The Quote Challenge

Oh dear. I wasn’t on the computer yesterday, and I don’t use my phone to blog. So I up and broke the rules of the three-day quote challenge that Amanda nominated me for.

I hang my head in shame.

I could use the quote about how rules are made to be broken and such, but I don’t typically live my life that way. I’m very rule-abiding.

Today, I present this quote: Continue reading “Day 2.5 Of The Quote Challenge”