A Microfire in the Microwave

I have been using microwaves since I was a Wee Meg. I recall that the first microwave I used had a dial. My favorite thing to do at the tender age of 5 was run to the microwave, set it at one second, wait for it to go, “Ting!” and say, “Hey, I have an idea!”

I’m a firm believer that sound effects are key for announcements, no matter how small.

“I have an idea! Continue reading “A Microfire in the Microwave”


Why Cleaning Becomes A Makeover

I’m going to tell you a little secret.

I mean, this just the internet. It’ll just stay between you and me, right?


I don’t like cleaning.

I mean, I don’t mind wiping down the counters after I make a quick sandwich (I’ve really been into bologna this week. What’s that about?). I shed like a molting parakeet, so I also don’t have any qualms about wiping my hair up after a good brushin’. I also panic and Continue reading “Why Cleaning Becomes A Makeover”

How Can I Adult if I Look 12?

I get it.

Age is just a number.

With age comes wisdom (if you know me, you can take time to laugh before moving on).

Early thirties isn’t that old, in the scheme of things.

blah bleg bluuuuh

Really, I’m just old enough to finally get that I don’t know anything and I’m not supposed to.

I don’t like to say my age but for the sake of this post I’ll dish out that Continue reading “How Can I Adult if I Look 12?”