The Time I Wasn’t Kidnapped

I was just talking to my roommate (Hi, Mom!) about Stranger Danger (note to self: Add “Stranger Danger” to list of possible band names) and how she prepared her children to keep an eye out for Bad Strangers.

My brothers are several years older than me, so I don’t really know their experiences with strangers, how they knew when someone was out to get them, or when someone was just being friendly.

Actually, I have heard stories, but this blog is all about Continue reading “The Time I Wasn’t Kidnapped”


Job Hunting? Don’t Not Do This

I start a second job this coming week. I’m pretty pumped.

Also, I’m very confused.

If for some reason you don’t stalk me and haven’t found a way to read every comment I ever write on other people’s pages, then you might not be aware that within one year (2014-2015), I sent about 100 resumes and had about 90 interviews. I had actually started to write a blog post about it so I could tell the humorous stories from those rejections, but it turns out it’s still a downer to talk about in detail. Maybe I’m over 45 rejections and need another year to move on from the other 45.

Did I just make this awkward? I made this weird.

Somehow, my current teaching position just came to me. Continue reading “Job Hunting? Don’t Not Do This”

Always Wear Clean Skivvies And Other Advice

I’m back and I am 100% certain you noticed I was gone and missed me a great deal.

I was just thinking about the phrase, “Always wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident.”

If you didn’t know that it’s a phrase, well, it is. Bing it.

I found myself in the ER this week (I’m fine, I’m fine. Don’t lose sleep.) and — okay, when I was going through my incident, I couldn’t have cared less about how I looked. You could have dipped meĀ in glue, tossed birdseed on me, and tossed me outside for birds to feast upon and I would’ve been fine. I just wanted to sleep. But when my mind was clear, I began to think more about that phrase and how it could be improved.

First of all, I wish the phrase would be more specific about what sort of knickers a person should wear. Continue reading “Always Wear Clean Skivvies And Other Advice”