What’s in Your Bag?

Before I begin, I really don’t think this post has to be gender-specific, which is why I called this “What’s in Your Bag” and not “What’s in Your Purse” or “What’s in Your Murse.”

I have puh-lenty of male friends who carry messenger bags, laptop bags, recyclable grocery bags, and bags shaped like puppies.

Ok. I’m lying about the last one. But how badly does your inner 8-year-old want one?

I’m not even sure this is limited to bags. I think what I’m about to discuss has pertained to my desk drawers at work and certainly to That One Junk Drawer I know we all have, so don’t pretend your home doesn’t have one. Sometimes, you just have to toss a bobby pin in the Junk Drawer in case a situation arises and you need it in that room.

But today, we are gathered here to talk about what the dickens ends up in my purse and why. Continue reading “What’s in Your Bag?”


Things that Make Me Sad [but Shouldn’t]

Picture it: Iowa, 1992. I was in elementary school filling out a bio of sorts on prison-suit-orange construction paper to tape on the wall alongside my classmates’ bios written on various colored square papers. We were to answer questions such as, “What is your nickname? How many siblings do you have? What makes you happy? What makes you sad?” and the like. I took care to answer these questions in my best cursive, a skill I’d been perfecting for two years.

Nickname: Meehan, because before I was a skilled cursive writer, I accidentally wrote my “g” backwards in my name on a drawing that was hung at school. My oldest brother saw it and,┬áTADA, a name was born.

Side note: Do doctors shout, “TADA! Your baby has been born!” After the birth of a child? I’m going to do a blog of questions I have for parents, and that is one of many.

How many siblings: I was always very proud Continue reading “Things that Make Me Sad [but Shouldn’t]”