The Time I Wasn’t Kidnapped

I was just talking to my roommate (Hi, Mom!) about Stranger Danger (note to self: Add “Stranger Danger” to list of possible band names) and how she prepared her children to keep an eye out for Bad Strangers.

My brothers are several years older than me, so I don’t really know their experiences with strangers, how they knew when someone was out to get them, or when someone was just being friendly.

Actually, I have heard stories, but this blog is all about Continue reading “The Time I Wasn’t Kidnapped”

Job Hunting? Don’t Not Do This

I start a second job this coming week. I’m pretty pumped.

Also, I’m very confused.

If for some reason you don’t stalk me and haven’t found a way to read every comment I ever write on other people’s pages, then you might not be aware that within one year (2014-2015), I sent about 100 resumes and had about 90 interviews. I had actually started to write a blog post about it so I could tell the humorous stories from those rejections, but it turns out it’s still a downer to talk about in detail. Maybe I’m over 45 rejections and need another year to move on from the other 45.

Did I just make this awkward? I made this weird.

Somehow, my current teaching position just came to me. Continue reading “Job Hunting? Don’t Not Do This”


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

My pretties. I owe you an apology. I have not gifted you with my words for months. I do not know what came over me. I will remind you, though, that I began this blog by setting myself up for failure to stick to a schedule. You were to expect that I would not regularly update.

I now have 55 minutes left in 2016 in Central Standard Time. Let us see if I can squeeze in one more post for the year.

I shall go with The Predictable and write a New Years Eve post.

I remember celebrating the year 2000. I worked at Walgreens and everyone was preparing for Y2K, which just translates to Year 2000. But it was said in a way that meant that lifeĀ as we knew it was going to end. Computers were expected to stop and for reasons that I never understood, this meant that the world was going to stop. One customer told me that even cars were Continue reading “Y2Okay”

Fast Fact Friday or Confessions 2

Today feels like a list sort of day. Maybe that will be my Friday thing. Friday Formation. Hashbrown: Friday Formation.

(Please note: I like to say “hashbrown” instead of hashtag, and I’m also really hungry)

Get it? Because of Beyonce’s Formation jingle.

I don’t think that makes sense. I’m just really addicted to and alliterations. I love words that I find on, but sometimes it’s really obvious that I use it.

This doesn’t make me nerdy. It makes me colorful.

Oh! After some deliberation, I’ve decided to forgo the ideas listed in my Magical Idea Notebook, and just list ten random thoughts. So maybe this will be called — wait for it — Fast Fact Friday. Except it’s me, so it won’t go so fast. But I’m serious about the first fact.

1. I really do like alliterations. Hence, Midnight Musings with Megs. I also couldn’t live without a thesaurus. Before The Interwebinz, I had an adorable little thesaurus that I loved flipping through. Somehow, my vocabulary is still very limited. Which I guess explains the need for Continue reading “Fast Fact Friday or Confessions 2”