What’s in Your Bag?

Before I begin, I really don’t think this post has to be gender-specific, which is why I called this “What’s in Your Bag” and not “What’s in Your Purse” or “What’s in Your Murse.”

I have puh-lenty of male friends who carry messenger bags, laptop bags, recyclable grocery bags, and bags shaped like puppies.

Ok. I’m lying about the last one. But how badly does your inner 8-year-old want one?

I’m not even sure this is limited to bags. I think what I’m about to discuss has pertained to my desk drawers at work and certainly to That One Junk Drawer I know we all have, so don’t pretend your home doesn’t have one. Sometimes, you just have to toss a bobby pin in the Junk Drawer in case a situation arises and you need it in that room.

But today, we are gathered here to talk about what the dickens ends up in my purse and why. Continue reading “What’s in Your Bag?”


I’m Not Short, I’m Fun Size

Remember when we would line up by height in grade school? All of us kids would stretch our little bodies as tall as we could and rush to the wall that our teacher pointed to. The tallest kid already knew s/he belonged on one end, the shortest two would check to see if either had grown taller than the other to see who belonged at the end of that side. The rest of us would decide whose heads were above the others and walk up and down the line to choose our place. Throughout the early grades, I was actually toward the tall side of that line.

Then I abruptly stopped growing while the other kids continued to grow.

The tallest I’ve been is what shoes will allow. So maybe 5’3”. Um, and a half. I cannot stress enough how important that half inch is. I really worked hard on it and without heels, my true height is 5’1.5″. I reached my full height in 7th grade, but because I only had one growth spurt, I’ve been patiently waiting to gain another 3‑4 inches.

The thing is, I’m not abnormally short. By definition, a Little Person is 4’10” or less. Look it up. However, I’m pretty sure I’m living a different experience worth writing about that people of an average-to-tall height don’t even know about.

Join me on my journey. Continue reading “I’m Not Short, I’m Fun Size”