I just want to blogor my stories

I was sad because my computer doesn’t have a painting program that is so sophisticated as Microsoft Paint. If I want to use such a thing to make a cartoon like the one gracing the top of this gorgeous blog, I have to walk 60 feet all the way to the other side of the house and use the desktop computer. And, gosh. I just have to weigh my options. First of all, my room is where my office is located, which I believe we established in the blog about how I’m slowly losing my people skills. What if I want to look up and stare at Continue reading “I just want to blogor my stories”

The Dog Isn’t Sick, It’s A Haircut

Where do I start?

For one, I save money everywhere I can. You can call me cheap. I wear it with pride. I’m that girl who, every time a person compliments something that I’m wearing, I can’t just say, “Aw, you! Thanks!” I’ll always say, “Thanks! I got it at [insert store] for [insert amount under $5.00]!” I don’t know why I can’t just leave it at accepting the compliment, but I’m just really proud of being frugal and finding bargains.

Being a Frugal Frannie, I rarely spend money on something if I can figure out how to do it myself. Need to replace the car battery? I’ll get it. Locked the keys in the car and have no spares? Hand me a spatula, I can take care of this. Need your appendix removed? I mean, I did play Operation when I was a kid, sooo… Continue reading “The Dog Isn’t Sick, It’s A Haircut”